Gujjar Youth Forum Founded by Chaudhry Abdul Hameed Gujjar in January 1985. GYF is platform for Gujjar Community to gather at a plat form where they can discussed their problems and think the ways to solve them.

Another purpose of GYF is to gather the Gujjar community working in many Organization, businesses, and government agencies etc.

These GYF Members build professional leadership networks and collaborate on key shared values:


Aims & objectives 


  1. The Basic theme of the Gujjar Youth Forum (GYF) is development of and strengthening of Pakistani Nation.
  2. To improve the brotherhood and unity among the people.
  3. To improve Education and reduce redundancy.
  4. To provide a plat form to Gujjar youth to get benefit from their expertise.
  5. To provide an environment to the Gujjar youth to get better education in order to prove themselves as good citizens and fruitful Pakistani.
  6. To enhance the knowledge of Gujjar Community about Gujjar Cost.
  7. To provide awareness about the Gujar’s Leaders services to the Nations
  8. To provide awareness among the Gujjar Community to enhance brotherhood and reduce family distances.
  9. To make an environments of coordination among the different fields of life.
  10. To establish Gujjar Secretariat for the Unity and strengthening of Gujjar Community.
  11. To enhance awareness about the Gujjar literature and history.
  12. GYF works on crucial issues to realize the dream of one global family of interdependence, mutual prosperity, and universally shared values
  13. To initiate appointment of young leaders in every field of life, from age of 18 to40 and play a leading roles in national renewal and global conflict resolution as GYF Member for Peace.

GYF advice Gujjar community to live like a family worldwide and start work with each other

To use GYF as a platform where anyone can share their views

GYF advice for Gujjar community to reach higher post in administrator

GYF committed to help the Gujjar Community any where

GYF request to all Gujjar Leaders please work for community because if any political party give you response due to your community. The GYF is the “Family of love and Rules “.

“Living for the sake of others is the way to reconcile the divided human family”.

Education comes through cooperation beyond the boundaries of ethnicity, religion and nationality.

We are one human family created by ALLAH, the ultimate reality.

Contact Us

Gujjar Youth Forum


H # 26, Street No.52, F-7/4, Islamabad, Pakistan

Contact No:

Chairman: 0923345252515

SvChairman: 0923005505855